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Chapter 3 In a Series: ISLE AUX POIX Tony Dunbar

Chapter 3 In a Series: ISLE AUX POIX

Tony Dunbar

Kindle Edition
7 pages
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 About the Book 

The year was 1815. New Orleans was then the jewel of the Gulf of Mexico, commanding the shipping routes between Europe and the gold-rich colonies of Spain and the sugar islands of France. It was the southern gateway to the new United States, and the outlet to the sea for the American West. Louisiana had been a state for only three years and was hemmed in by Spanish claims in Florida and Texas and deep wilderness all around. More people spoke French than English in New Orleans, and the city’s government was even more disorganized and blind to misbehavior than it is today. This was the backdrop for the improbable, decisive battle that would earn Jackson Square its name and ensure that the continental United States was never again threatened by a European power.Over the next year you are invited to read this slightly surreal account of the Battle of New Orleans told in a series of short stories. They will appear about once a month until the final chapter is written in January 2015, the bicentennial of the battle pitting volunteer militiamen, “free people of color,” mountaineers, and pirates against the world’s greatest army and navy.