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On Eagles Wings Sy Newitt

On Eagles Wings

Sy Newitt

Published December 21st 2013
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 About the Book 

On Eagles Wings is a true story of a life-changing journey through the hot fire of suffering that led to deep inner healing, peace and contentment.These are some reviews by people who have read it - they are real reviews by real people...................honest!“Although I am not a religious person, I thoroughly enjoyed Sy’s book. His writing style is funny, refreshing and even made me blush every now and then. Sy is telling his story from the heart which makes it a heartwarming and endearing read. Well done, Sy!” Monika Becker“When I read On Eagles Wings I saw that it could touch many different people and groups. It is an outside the box experience, a fun side with an under-current of depth. Historic depth that can draw you into the spectacular. This book will challenge you and get you to ask questions. Throw the dice and see where it will take you. An experience is waiting to be found.” Michael Nixon“On Eagles Wings is very compelling reading. I enjoy your honesty and openness, and you have a great story-telling gift. You have a writing gift which connects the reader with what is going on in your life in an easy and engaging way. You are able to bring a quick identification with your emotional state on the part of the reader, so they live your experiences with you. You are transparent and honest in your approach. You have a zest for life which is engaging, and you capture this well in your writing. Your story is unique and because of this has many useful insights to share with your readers - to their benefit.” Richard Sexton“I have only just come to the end of your amazing story...it has been an extraordinary experience to share in it - thank you.....As I said in my last email there are very many thoughts in my head having read On Eagles Wings.... .I realise, too, that it is being an inspiration in my heart, in spite of the fact that parts of it are very disturbing.” Angela Youngman StewartDo you want to learn how to soar on eagles wings far above the storms of life? Do you want to know how to cut the constricting, conformist chains that the world and the church attach to us so that you can be set free to be the person that you were created to be? Do you want deep inner healing, peace and contentment in a world where we are surrounded by turbulence and turmoil?On Eagles Wings is the story of how a very ordinary person did just that. I hope that you enjoy reading it.