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Texas Wildflower Debra L.Hall

Texas Wildflower

Debra L.Hall

Published September 9th 2011
Kindle Edition
118 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

An important person is missing in Violet Tippons life: her father. Raised by her mother in St. Louis, Violet grew up hearing carefully crafted stories about the l)1an she never knew. Then, after learning her father has taken ill in a small Texas town, Violet becomes determined to find out why he left when she was a young child - and why he stayed away. Violet travels to Wood River, Texas, a coarse town full of rough n tumble cowboys, hard-working common folk, and unforeseen dangers. But she never wavers from her search for the truth. Among those who help is Lance Tridel, the tall, dark-haired nephew of her fathers friends. Together, they uncover the real story about her father. In the process, Violet discovers the other missing person in her life. And Lance finds his true love, his Texas wildflower